Does a no chip manicure ruin your nails?

Many people are curious and want to try out a no chip manicure but are unsure of the safety of short and long term use. We here at A Premier Massage & Day Spa in Aurora, IL get asked a lot of questions about this service and we would like to use this post to answer them and clear up any misconceptions there may be.
Q. Will the no chip products ruin my nails?

A. No. The no chip products that we have chosen are very gentle and utilize keratin (a protein found in our skin and nails) to adhere the product to the nail bed. The most important thing to know is that if your nail is not treated properly, damage can occur. Our technicians are very careful to prepare the nail safely and effectively to ensure that no damage is caused.

Q. Is it safe to use long term or do I need to take a break periodically to allow my nails to breathe?

A. There is no need to refrain from the no chip products. Each time you come in for your follow up the product is completely removed and the nail is cared for prior to reapplying. Also nails do not breathe and the nail you see is already dead, therefor there isn’t a need for a “break”.

Q. How often do I come in for this service?

A. Typically you would want to follow up every 2 weeks. With daily application of cuticle oil your nails should stay chip free for 2-3 weeks with only the new nail growth showing at the base of the cuticle.

Q. How is it removed?

A. We 1st start by lightly filing away the top layer of the top coat. Next we wrap each fingernail individually with cotton, gentle remover and foil. Next we place your hands in a relaxing warm set of hand mitts. 5 minutes later the product is disintegrated and we proceed with a meticulous dry manicure and reapplication of your chosen no chip hue. (we have close to 100 colors to choose from)

So you can see that No chip manicures have really changed the manicure scene for the better.  It is now possible to have beautiful nails all the time without needing to get enhancements.

Q. I have short nails, can I have a no chip manicure on short nails?

A.  Absolutely, in fact most of our no chip clients have short nails.  The no chip product adds extra strength and durability allowing your short nails to grow and be protected so if you want to have longer nails the no chip manicure is a great option.

Q. I am a nail biter.  Can I get the no chip manicure?

A.  Yes in fact no chip manicures really deter you from biting often times.  Keeping your nails looking great all the time.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ We hope this has answered any questions that you have about no chip manicures at A Premier Massage & Day Spa.  We hope to see you soon for your no chip manicure needs.  It’s fabulous to be able to have flawless nails all the time, you’ll see.

A Premier Massage & Day Spa  452 N. Eola Rd. Suite E Aurora, IL  60502  630-585-7633

Written by: Amanda Bowron-Dunteman Licensed Nail Technician, Licensed Certified Massage Therapist


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