It’s NEVER just a manicure or pedicure……..

Nail_Enhancements_240x160 (2)Many spa goers seek out reputable spas and salons for their massage, facial and waxing services, while visiting discount salons for their nail services.  I have never really understood this logic until recently.  You see, the general public isn’t aware of the dangers of improper disinfection practices and improper professional education.

In speaking with my clients at my nail station, I am always amazed at some of the comments that I hear from new clients.  They say things like, “Wow that didn’t even hurt” or “That gel polish removed so easily” or my favorite “You use a new file for each client?”.  3 years ago when I began providing nail services I would giggle when hearing these comments and often wonder what in the world they were talking about.   I also would think to myself, why in the world would they continue to go back to these places that were inflicting pain, damaging their nail plates and not following proper disinfection procedures?

Then it dawned on me.  The general public doesn’t know the dangers of irresponsible nail technicians.  They think, it’s just a manicure or pedicure, what could go wrong? They like the convenience of being able to just walk in and get an appointment.  They don’t know the difference between these non standard salons and responsible nail salons until they visit one.

I am here to tell you that it is NEVER just a manicure or pedicure and you should ALWAYS ask questions about your nail technician’s education and their disinfection procedures.

I bet you didn’t know that…………….

1 time use products

These pumice stones are not able to be disinfected.  For this reason they are NEVER to be used on multiple clients.  If your nail technician EVER usePumice Stoness one of these on you, you should see them open it out of the plastic shrink wrap that it comes in and dispose of it after your service is completed.  These cost around $1/piece from professional distributors.  As far as treatment costs go, this is pretty high for a 1x use so I can guarantee they are using them more than 1x.

Improper use of tools

The picture here shows a tool that you can purchase at any local hardware store for around $90.  It is not meant to be used in beauty treatments and none of the professional nail suppliers make accessories that fit these Dremel toolmachines.  That is why you often see them using a small piece of paper towel to wrap around their dowel in order to make the sanding band fit onto the head.  The reason this is not a safe tool to use on your nails is because of the RPM range. Tools from the hardware store are designed to cut through wood, metal and glass, not work on the surface of your nail plate.

The model on the left is on our tubs.
The model on the left is what is in our tubs.

Illegal Disinfection Practices

IL state law requires that between each client the pedicure tub is to be scrubbed with soap and water, rinsed down of all debris both inside the jets and around all surfaces and then filled with water and the proper ratio of an approved EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant for 10 minutes.  Once completed, the water needs to be drained and the basin wiped down with a clean cloth.  It is only after this 15 minute process that it is safe for the next client to receive a service.  So when is the last time you saw this process done at a non standard salon where their business model is quantity not quality?  I’m gonna let that sink in for a minute……….

The Result

So what can happen when untrained, irresponsible, unlicensed technicians don’t follow proper disinfection procedures and use hardware tools on your nails?

Infection or Paronychia


This is the result of illegal disinfection procedures and and nipping live tissue.

Nail Fungus or Onychomycosis

Toenail FungusThis is the result of Illegal disinfection procedures, cutting the nails too short and using contaminated tools.  It is against state law for a nail technician to perform a nail service on a client with unhealthy skin or nails.

At Premier, we turn away clients in these instances and we refer them to an MD for treatment.  Most non standard salons do not even recognize what this is and they do not refuse to perform the service.  Combine infected and fungal ridden tissue along with improper disinfection procedures and they will be transmitting these beasts to everyone who sits at their stations.

Lifting of the Nail Plate off the Nail Bed or Onycholysis

IMG_3228This can be caused by many different improper care procedures.  When the nail plate is over-filed, it has experienced trauma and will often lift off from the nail bed.  The result of this can be extremely painful to barely noticeable but an open you up to infections, fungus, yeast and a small snag and literally rip your nail completely off.

Come see the Difference at Premier

So as you can see seeking out a cheap mani/pedi can be very costly. So please, the next time you say to yourself, I’m just going to run in and get my nails done please think twice and look around.  You may be surprised at what you see now that your eyes have been opened to these risks.

A Premier Massage & Day Spa is located in Aurora, IL.  Our nail department utilizes a medical grade implement sterilizer (same as your dentist) to kill 100% of the bacteria on our implements after each use.  Our nail files and buffers are individually wrapped and disposed of after each client.  We disinfect our pedicure tubs with an approved EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant that we run through the tub for 10 minutes after each client.  We wash our hands before we touch our clients and we ask our clients to wash their hands before their manicure (state law requires this to decrease the spread of bacteria and illness).

We hope to see you soon for your next nail appointment, but give us a call, because due to our demand in the industry we don’t often have the ability to take walk-ins, but then again neither does your medical doctor.

3831 McCoy Dr. Suite 105 Aurora, IL  60504



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